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The Criminal Justice Commission is responsible for criminal justice and public safety planning, research, and system-wide coordination and collaboration. The 27-member Commission Board is comprised of key local, state, and federal criminal justice and public safety representatives, metro government officials, as well as citizens representing the community. Established in December 1967, the Louisville Metro Criminal Justice Commission has been in continuous operation for more than 46 years, making it one of the oldest criminal justice planning agencies in the country.  Previously known as the "Crime Commission", its name was changed in April 2003 to the Criminal Justice Commission to better reflect its expanded comprehensive mission which focuses on not only criminal justice matters, but public safety issues as well. The benefits of effective planning are numerous and include improvements in coordination and cooperation; a multidisciplinary analysis of criminal justice and public safety issues, programs, and services; and an evaluation of the overall quality of justice. In addition, comprehensive planning provides more effective allocation of resources, the establishment of clear goals, objectives, and priorities, and ultimately results in enhanced service and increased public confidence in the system. Through its planning and coordination role, the Commission Board and staff attempt to support the local system's ability to administer justice and public safety in a cost-effective, equitable, and efficient manner. Most importantly, the Commission has provided the community with an impartial forum for discussing pressing issues, most of which require a systemic and coordinated approach to effect change. Coordinated approaches cannot occur without this neutral forum that allows agencies to work together to create solutions.  These solutions are formulated into policy decisions that complement the systemic efforts of the whole.



The mission of the Criminal Justice Commission is to improve the administration of justice and promote public safety through planning, research, education, and system-wide coordination of criminal justice and public safety initiatives.



  • Collect and analyze data and publish reports on the incidence and nature of crime as well as its overall impact on the criminal justice system workload
  • Generate recommendations for improvements in criminal justice system operations to promote efficiencies
  • Educate the public and engage community residents on issues and challenges facing the criminal justice system
  • Provide assistance in criminal justice program development and, when possible, secure and administer state or federal funds for specific projects



The Commission Board serves in an advisory capacity for the local criminal justice system. It is the goal of the Commission Board to promote consensus-based decision making and encourage the development of effective and cost-efficient criminal justice policies and practices. The Commission generates recommendations and takes positions to advance systemic and balanced solutions to criminal justice issues. The Criminal Justice Commission Board is comprised of 27 members including:

Judge David Bowles, Criminal Justice Commission Chair

Greg Fischer, Mayor, Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government

Steve Conrad, Chief, Louisville Metro Police Department    

Mark Bolton, Director, Louisville Metro Corrections Department

Rashaad Abdur-Rahman, Director, Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods

Judge Brian Edwards, Chief Judge, Jefferson Circuit Court

Judge Anne Haynie, Chief Judge, Jefferson District Court

Judge Tara Hagerty, Chief Judge, Jefferson Family Court

Thomas Wine, Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney

Mike O’Connell, Jefferson County Attorney

Dan Fountain, Director, Kentucky Probation and Parole

Tara Boh Blair, Director, Office of Pre-Trial Services For Jefferson County

Daniel T. Goyette, Director, Louisville/Jefferson County Public Defender Corporation

D. Scott Furkin, Executive Director, Louisville Bar Association

David James, President, Metro Council

Dr. Ursula Mullins, Director, Louisville Metro Youth Detention Services

David L. Nicholson, Jefferson Circuit Court Clerk

Col. John Aubrey, Jefferson County Sheriff

Carla Kreitman, Jefferson Trial Courts Chief Court Administrator

Libby Mills, Director, Restorative Justice Louisville

Dr. Anthony Zipple, Chief Executive Officer, Seven Counties Services, Inc.

Debora McGill, Citizen Appointment, City at Large

James Cabral Sr., Citizen Appointment, City at Large

Chandler Blewett, Citizen Appointment, City at Large

Jay Davidson, Citizen Appointment, Mental Health/Substance Abuse

Joyce Horton Mott, Citizen Appointment, City at Large     

Dr. Charles Baker, Citizen Appointment, City at Large                             

Stuart Lowrey, Special Agent in Charge, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Chris Evans, Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration

Amy Hess, Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau Of Investigation



The Criminal Justice Commission meets at least six times a year and provides a forum in which components of the criminal justice system can improve the analysis of system issues and develop systemic and balanced solutions across agencies. At the beginning of each calendar year, the Executive Committe convenes to develop strategic priorities for the Criminal Justice Commission and assist with meeting agendas. Members of the Executive Committee consist of Board Co-Chairs and Board Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs. 

For the 2019 Criminal Justice Commission Board meeting dates click here

Time:           2:00 p.m.
Location:     Crown Room, 6th Floor
                    Jefferson Judicial Center
                    700 West Jefferson Street
                    Louisville, KY 40202


2018 CJC Meeting Schedule             

February 15, 2018

Meeting Summary

April 19, 2018

Meeting Summary

Enforcement Report 2009-2016

June 21, 2018

Meeting Summary

August 16, 2018

Meeting Summary

October 18, 2018

Meeting Summary


























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