Drive Safe Louisville Program

The Drive Safe Louisville program is a convenient, easy-to-use court alternative for qualified traffic offenses. The program teaches safe driving techniques and reviews Kentucky traffic laws. Its goal is to make you a safer driver and to reduce the number of repeat offenders by providing education on safety issues. 

Qualified participants may complete the program online, or with a DVD. Once the program is successfully completed:

  • the citation will be dismissed;
  • no points will be assessed to the participant's license;
  • the violation will not appear on the participant's driving record for insurance purposes;
  • statutory fines and other expenses will not be assessed.

The fee for the Drive Safe Louisville program is $179. When you receive a traffic citation and wish to particpate in this program, please go to, or call the Public Safety Institute (PSI) of Kentucky at 1-866-605-7133 for more information.

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