Domestic Violence Intake Center

Domestic Violence Intake Center

Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 12:00AM
Sat. - Sun. 10AM -- 6PM

1st Floor, Room 1150

Jefferson Hall of Justice

600 W. Jefferson Street

(502) 595-0853


Escape the Cycle of Domestic Violence
If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can seek help by coming to the Domestic Violence Intake Center. Here you can find assistance in obtaining protection from your abuser while you take the important first steps to break away from the cycle of violence.

If someone in your family, including your spouse dating/romantic partner, or the parent of your child has abused you, we can help.

Our staff will work with you in a secure environment, and help you begin the legal process to get the protection you need to help stop the violence.


Legal Protections Available

Emergency Protective Order
An Emergency Protective Order (EPO) is a civil remedy for the problem of family domestic violence. Its purpose is to prevent the domestic violence from occurring again by placing restrictions upon the abuser’s actions. It is short term and temporary until the court sets a hearing to determine whether to issue a more permanent Domestic Violence Order (DVO). No attorney fee is required.


Criminal Complaint
A Criminal Complaint is a criminal remedy that can be used in cases of domestic violence. If there is probable cause for a criminal complaint, either an arrest warrant or a criminal summons may be issued against your abuser. No attorney or fee is required.

EPOs and /or Criminal Complaints are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Other Services Available

The Domestic Violence Intake Center offers additional services to help you begin a new way of life. These services include:

  • victim safety planning
  • advocacy
  • community referrals to counseling, social services and legal advocacy
  • clothing
  • 911 cell phones

Information to Bring to the  Domestic Violence Intake Center


  • A photo ID
  • The abuser’s full name, address, social security number, birthday, place of employment, witness’ names (including police officer)
  • A copy of any existing EPO/DVO
  • An address where you can receive information from the court 

Safety During a Violent Episode

Choose  one or more neighbors you trust, tell them about  the violence, and ask that they call the police immediately if they hear a disturbance coming from your home.


  • Practice how to get out of your home safely.
    Identify which doors, windows, elevators or stairwells would be best and where extra keys are hidden.
  • If an argument seems unavoidable, try to have it in a room or area where you have an exit. Avoid the kitchen, bedroom or anywhere weapons might be available.
  • Choose a code word to use with your children, family and neighbors so they will know when to call the police for you. Teach your children to Dial 911 and review safety measures with them as often as possible.
  • Decide and plan where you will go if you have to leave home, even if you do not think you will need to.


Contributing Agencies

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Commonwealth’s Attorney

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Metro Louisville

Jefferson District Court

Louisville/Jefferson County Criminal Justice Commission

Center for Women & Families

National Council of Jewish Women

Domestic Violence Reform Committee

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