Civil Division

The Jefferson County Attorney is the legal counsel for the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government. This office has the authority to take legal action to protect the interests of the people of Metro Louisville and their government.

Legal Representation of Metro Louisville/Jefferson County

More than 35 civil assistant county attorneys represent more than 50 departments of metro government, the mayor’s office, 26 metro council representatives, and numerous boards and commissions.


Research Ordinance Commission (ROC)

Created at the beginning of merged government in 2003, the Research Ordinance Commission provides research, information and legal services for the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Mayor and the Metro Council. 


Guardianship and Conservatorship

Guardianship/conservatorship is a legal relationship between a capable adult, the guardian, and a ward, a person determined to be legally disabled. A guardian may be given full responsibility for the ward, whereas the conservator may be appointed to handle a ward's financial affairs. For more information on Guardianship and Conservatorship, click here. County Attorney Civil Division and ROC (502) 574-6333