Strategic Plan

In January of 2013 each department within the Metro enterprise published its inaugural 6 year Strategic Plan, spanning Fiscal Years 2013 - 2019.

In doing so, we collectively ushered Louisville Metro Government into a new era of planning and performance improvement. This new era is best described by the phrase “Continuous Improvement Journey”; a phrase that has become the watchword for Metro’s pursuit of becoming ‘World Class’ among its peer cities.

As with any pursuit toward excellence, change is required, arguably needed and expected ---the kind of change that is proactive, inclusive, comprehensive and continuous. 


Read more details about our Strategic Plan below : 



In 2008 under the leadership of Mayor Jerry Abramson we put out a report called the 'Vison 20/20' and it was based on statistics for corrections for a 6-month period for changes that we were undergoing at the time, we have revised a new report in February of 2019 and have released this to show how far we have come as an agency  : 

2008 Metro Corrections : Vision 20/20

2019 Revised; Post 20/20: A Look at How Far We Have Come