Batterers Intervention Program (BIP)

LMDC provides male offenders with the Batterers Intervention Program when ordered by the Jefferson County District, Family or Circuit Courts. Offenders who are court ordered to participate in the program shall be assessed by a certified provider to determine eligibility. Offenders who are accepted into the program attend weekly domestic violence treatment sessions for twenty-eight weeks. The usual length of the program is 28 weeks, but may be from 6 to 12 months. Within that time, a BIP offender is required to attend a minimum of twenty groups.


The BIP was designed to provide safety and a safe environment for the victims involved, as well as to mitigate and cease all inappropriate / violent behaviors. A primary focus is to have the offender take full responsibility for any domestic violence behaviors, to increase the offenders sense of empathy for the victims, children, and all relatives, as well as others who are involved in the program. This process involves developing a plan for restitution for the victims, children, and relatives, as well as a future plan for prevention on any inappropriate or violent behaviors.