Inmate Information

Helpful Phone Numbers

  • A list of phone numbers for anything that is needed.

Search our Current Inmates

  • Search our online database for inmates currently incarcerated. 

Visitation Rules / Visitation Schedule

  • All information related to visitation for inmates, to ensure everything is correct, please read the rules first. 

Inmate Telephone Calls

  • Information for inmate telephone services.

Inmate Accounts

  • For adding money to an inmates account, or sending a care package to an inmate.

Inmate Handbook

  • The inmate handbook with resources and information available to all inmates incarcerated at our facilities.

Directors Daily Briefing

  • Report updated daily (Mon-Fri) showing our numbers of incarcarated inmates.

V.I.N.E. Notifications

Writing to an inmate:

  • Send an envelope addressed to:
    Louisville Metro Corrections
    400 S. Sixth Street
    Louisville, KY 40202
    Include on the envelope the inmate's name and inmate number (if available)
    Note: No nude pictures will be accepted and no magazines or books can be included,  Inmates can accept books (paperback only) directly from online book retailers.

If there is information that you cannot find on our webpage, please contact us at (502) 574-8477.