Next of Kin

Next of Kin
The Coroner's Office seeks next of kin for the following:

August 22, 2019
Robert William Adams, white male, age 52, who lived on Burnt Cedar Lane in Louisville, KY

Walter Reed, white male, age 66, who last resided at Saddlebrook Court in Louisville, KY

July 10, 2019
Tranette Betts, age 44, black female who last reside on S. 38th Street, Louisville KY

July 10, 2019
Albert Johnson, age 69, black male, who died at UL Hospital, Louisville, KY on  7/2/2019.

June 28, 2019
Thomas Clodfelter, white male, who passed on Southern Parkway in Louisville, KY.

June 14, 2019
Charles R. Cooper, white male, age 43, who passed away in the 700 block of E. Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY.

June 7, 2019
Su Ok Yi, 68, Korean Female, passed away, address 11500 Block of Maple Brook Drive, Louisville, KY  40241.

June 6, 2019
Johnnie L Brown , black male, age 93,  who passed away in the 8000 block of Gonewind Court, Louisville, Ky

May 30, 2019
Tony Anderson, black male, age 62, who died May 27, 2019, at St. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, Louisville, KY.

April 30, 2019
Miles Frazier, white male, age 54, whose last known address was on Dearcy Avenue, Louisville, KY.

April 20, 2019

Frank Romero, Jr., white male, age 58,  who passed away in the 2000 block of Portland Avenue, Louisville, Ky.

April 9, 2019
Billy B. French , white male, age 58,  who passed away in the 7000 block of Manslick Road, Louisville, Ky.  Call 502-574-6262 with any information

March 20, 2019
Aamir Quaid Banks, age 47, black male, last address in Louisville, KY. Please call 574-6262 if you have information.

March 11, 2019
 Mr. Lee Andrew Jones, age 64, black male, city at large. Please call 574-6262 with any information.

February 26, 2019
Mr. Darrell D. Cothern, age 49, white male. Last known address 733 E. Jefferson St., in Louisville, KY. Please call coroner with information--574-6262

January 21, 2019
Herbert Jacobs, Jr., age 70, white male, who passed away in the 1000 block of S. 3rd Street, Louisville, Ky.  Please contact the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office at 502-574-6262 with any information.

January 7, 2019
William Hiser, age 54, white male, on Smithton Road, call 574-6262 with any information.

January 5, 2019
Julien Dimaline, age 33, white male, most recently of Louisville, KY. Call 574-6262.

December 17, 2018
Timothy Helton, white male, age 53,  last known address of 3100 block of S. 3rd Street, Louisville, Ky

December 13, 2018
Terry Adams, 57, male, black, of Louisville, originally from Ohio - AND-
Amy A. Scott, 42, white female, who passed at St. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital in Louisville, KY. Please call 574-6262.

December 7, 2018
Sharon Britt, 38-year-old white female; last known address 700 Central Avenue. Please call 574-6262 if you have any information.

November 22, 2018
Leonard W. Keith, black male, age 64,  who passed away in the 1200 Block of S. 4th Street,  Louisville, KY.  Please call 502-574-6262 with any information.

November 16, 2018
Lester Shofftsall, white male, age 64, of Louisville, KY. Please contact Coroner's office at 574-6262.

November 12, 2018
Nelson Robaina, age 68, black male, no known home address; call 574-6262 with any information.

November 7, 2018
Donald Ritman, age 78 of 119 W. Burnett Avenue. Please contact Deputy Coroner Wayne Pryse at 574-6262.

October 25, 2018
Mile Bibic, 63, white male, 309 Whitney Avenue, Louisville. Please contact Deputy Coroner Steve Moran at 574-6262.

October 24, 2018
Taffany Ducharme, formerly of Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN. White female, age 48, address city at large. Contact Deputy Coroner Eddie Robinson at 574-6262.

October 23, 2018
Christopher Scott, black male, age 50, DOB: 8/24/1968; last known address 938 Charles Street, Louisville, KY. Please call Deputy Coroner Anthony Wight at 574-1971.
Linwood Deboise, black male age 64, DOB: 1/2/1954. Please call Anthony Wight at 574-1971.

October 22, 2018
Donald R. Morrow, white male, age 67. Last known address 1244 S. 4th Street. Have information? Please contact Deputy Coroner Wayne Pryse at 574-0812.

October 15, 2018
David Williams, black male, age 69, DOB 11/19/1948; have information? Please contact the coroner's office at 502-574-6262, option #2.

October 13, 2018
Barnaba Kai, male, black, DOB 1/1/1979, who lived at Kentucky Towers, 511 S. 5th Street, in Louisville. He was possibly from Somalia and part of the Lost Boys, per a neighbor.  Have information? Call Deputy Coroner Scott Russ at 574-0139.

September 29, 2018
Stephen B. Noyes, age 70, white male. Address Donerail Way, Louisville, KY 40272.  Please call Deputy Coroner Tony Wight at 574-1971 with information.

September 10, 2018
Charles Daniel Huck, age 70, white male. Last address 4006 Poplar Level Road, Louisville, KY.  Please call Deputy Coroner Tony Wight at 574-1971.

September 4, 2018
Johnny C. Lacy, age 51, black male. Last known address was in the 4300 Block of Shady Villa Drive, Louisville, KY  40219. Have information? Please contact Deputy Coroner Michael Haag at 574-0130.

September 1, 2018
Walter Frank Johnson, 62, address unknown, who died August 19th at Brook and Liberty Streets. 
Have information? Please call 574-6262.  

July 31, 2018
The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office is seeking next of kin for John Elkins, III, who expired at his residence in the 1000 block of Jackson Street, Louisville, KY, on 7/25/2018. If anyone has information, please contact Deputy Coroner Rita Taylor at 502-574-0106.