Wrecking Permits

The purpose of a Wrecking Permit is to insure the safety of citizens during the wrecking process, to assure the proper property is demolished and to assure all local and state laws and ordinances are adhered to.

***Homeowners may demolish a structure themselves if it is 1-story or less than*** 35ft in height and 1500 square feet in size.

Historic Preservation and Overlay Districts
If the structure is not located in an Overlay or Landmarks District or listed on the National Register of Historic Places s permit may be issued.

If the building or structure is listed then no permit is to be issued for at least 30 days in Overlay District, otherwise, until approval of agency. Regarding age, any building 65 years or old and any garage 100 years or older are subject to a staff approval by Urban Design so that a determination as to whether the building is considered a “contributing” structure for historic preservation purposes. A building that is 65 years or older automatically triggers this review in the computer. All properties located in overlay districts are also subject to review. 


Download a Wrecking Permit Application HERE

Download a Wrecking Certification of Demolition Affidavit (30 Day Wrecking Notice) HERE.

Download a Utilities Release Form HERE