Request an Inspection

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to contact the Department for the required inspections when the work is ready for inspection. The work should be complete to the appropriate stage of inspection and accessible to inspection staff.
To request an inspection, simply contact the Department as noted below and make your request. This request will be relayed to the appropriate inspector who will contact you to schedule an appointment.
On-Line Inspection Requests: All inspections can also be requested online by using the Dynamic Portal
Although it is helpful, a representative does not need to be present for the inspection as long as the work is accessible and any special directions or instructions are provided to the inspector so that he or she may access the work. In the event the inspector is unable to access the work he or she will notify the permit holder and/or leave notice at the jobsite. If the work is incomplete or inaccessible the permit holder will be notified and will need request a new inspection once the issue is resolved. This may be subject to a re-inspection fee.
Inspections Results:
Passed = the work is code compliant with no issues. 

Partial Pass = the work is mostly code compliant with only minor code infractions 

Corrections Needed = the work is not code compliant
In the event of "Partial Pass" or "Corrections Needed" the inspector will provide comment as to the code infractions. Follow up inspections will need to be scheduled as needed until the work is "Passed." This may be subject to a re-inspection fee.