Online Permitting Portal

Need a construction permit? Online application submittal is now available for all contractors.

What can you do on this portal?

  • Apply for a Permit (contractors only)
  • Submit drawings for review - Remember the file name cannot contain any special characters.
  • Pay permit fees - If you receive any sort of error message, do not proceed with payment, Contact our office immediately! 
  • Request an inspection - The calendar no longer allows users to select the date of the request. Your request will be entered as soon as you submit. 
  • Lookup a pending applications, issued permits and inspection results
  • Review account information

What are the different permits types?

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Mechanical
  • Refrigeration
  • Fireplace
  • Range Hood & Suppression
  • Structural (Gas Restore)
  • Fire Detection & Suppression
  • Building: Residential, Commercial & Multi Unit
  • Sign - Refer any application questions to Planning & Design Services
  • Tent
  • Wrecking
  • Moving


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Use these guides to assist you through the application

• HVAC Online How To

• Electrical Online How To

• Building Online How To



Homeowners click here to learn more about obtaining construction-related permits.