Fence and Wall Heights

The following regulations shall apply to fence and wall heights in the following zone districts:  R-R, R E, R 1, R 2, R 3, R 4, R 5, PRD, U-N, R 5A, R 5B, TNZD, R 6, R 7, R 8A, OR, OR 1, OR 2, OR 3 and OTF Districts:

Required front and street side yards 4 feet
Required side and rear yards 8 feet when constructed of solid materials; 6 feet when constructed of chainlink materials

In all other zoning districts, fences and walls shall be restricted by the maximum building height of that zoning district except when abutting an R-R, R E, R 1, R 2, R 3, R 4, R 5, PRD, U-N, R 5A, R 5B, TNZD, R 6, R 7, R 8A, OR, OR 1, OR 2, OR 3 or OTF district, in which case the above standards shall apply.

Fences and walls not located within a required yard shall be restricted by the maximum building height of that form district.

Fences and walls are required for swimming pools. They shall be a minimum height of 4 feet above grade and have a self-closing, self-latching lockable gate.


Any wall(s), fence(s), guard house(s) or similar structures exceeding 4 feet in height, constructed at an entrance to a major single-family subdivision or to a multi-family complex of ten units or more.

The maximum height of a signature entrance varies depending on the setback from the right-of-way:

Setbacks Maximum Height Allowed
10 feet 14 feet
9 feet 13 feet
8 feet 12 feet
7 feet 11 feet
6 feet 10 feet
5 feet 9 feet
4 feet 8 feet
3 feet 7 feet
2 feet 6 feet
1 feet 5 feet
0 feet 4 feet

When signature entrances are constructed on man made berms, the berm will be considered in the overall height.

Please see Chapter 4, Part 4, Section 3 of the Land Development Code for the entire text of the signs, walls and signature entrances regulation.

Light fixtures and guard houses may extend an additional 4 feet.

The maximum length of a signature entrance shall not exceed 150 feet on each side of the entrance roadway. Any structure extending beyond this length shall be considered a fence or wall and shall meet the requirements summarized above (see Section (B) of the fences, walls and signature entrances section of the Land Development Code).

Two signs, not exceeding 15 square feet in area each, attached to the signature entrance may be provided at each entrance to the development (refer to Chapter 8, Sign Regulations, for specific information).

Signature entrance plans shall be reviewed for compliance and approved by the Division of Planning and Design Services, as well as Public Works Department if the signature entrance is located in the public right-of-way.


The following methods shall be used to measure the height of a fence, wall or signature entrance:

  • The height of fences or walls located in a required side or rear yard shall be measured from the lowest grade within a distance of one foot on either side of the fence to the highest point of any portion of the fence.
  • The total height of fences within 5 feet of a public sidewalk or roadway pavements shall be measured by adding the height of the fence and the height of the change of grade.
  • The total height of fences more than 5 feet from a public sidewalk or roadway pavements shall be measured by measuring the height of the fence only.


These requirements shall also apply to fences, walls and signature entrances:

  • Razor wire is permitted only if located at all points at least 8 feet above grade level.
  • In residential form districts (TNFD, NFD, VFD), barbed wire fencing located less than six feet above grade level is permissible only when used to enclose livestock.
  • Fences that adjoin residentially used or zoned property in any form district may include barbed wire or razor wire only if reviewed and approved by the Planning Director or designee.
  • A fence installed to meet a screening requirement must have its finished side toward the lower intensity use.

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