Donation Bins

The Donation Drop-Off Bin Licensing Program is established by local Ordinance 156 to locally license companies that provide and install Donation Drop-Off Bins, as well as to permit each Donation Drop-Off Bin. The Ordinance also proscribes requirements for ongoing maintenance and penalties for noncompliance. All companies desiring to place Donation Bins in Louisville Metro must be licensed, as well as each Donation Bin location. There is a yearly renewal fee for each company and each location. 

Read the Full Ordinance Here 

Application Documents

Donation Bin Company & Location Application*

Maintenance Agreement 

*If your company is already licensed we will only need the second page of this application for additional locations as well as all additional documentation. 

Additional Documentation

All required additional documentation is noted on the application. Please submit all information in a single packet to expedite processing. 

Click here to access LOJIC to create a site map 

  1. Enter Address of Donation Bin location
  2. Identify Donation Bin location on property
  3. Print on 8.5x11 paper. 

View a sample Site Plan and Parking Summary