Construction Permit Fees

Please refer to this document to learn more about fees associated with the permits issued by the Division. Please note that your project may have different requirements that would result in a permit fee differing from those listed. You can view the fees here



A penalty fee may be assessed for starting work without a permit.  The penalty fee shall be the same amount as the standard fee, but not less than $ 500, except for electrical work which shall have a minimum penalty fee of $1,000. The penalty fee shall be paid in addition to the standard fee.

In cases where a permit fee was legally waived, the penalty fee shall be assessed upon the above criteria as if the standard fee had been assessed.


Administration Fees

An administrative fee of $30 shall be charged on all requested permit refunds for issued Electrical, HVAC, Refrigeration, Range Hood and Manufactured Fireplace Appliance permits.

There shall be a permit extension fee charge of $35 for every approved request to reactivate an expired permit within 180 days of the expiration date. Requests after this period will be subject to full permit fee.