Boarding House

Louisville Jefferson Count Metro Government adopted new requirements for Boarding Home Licenses in November, 2021. You may not operate a boarding home without a license, and must continue to operate in conformity with the provisions detailed in Ordinance 115.002. Licenses are valid from the date of issuance until the next occurring September 1.

BOARDING AND LODGING HOUSE. A dwelling unit in which a room(s) is rented to a boarder(s) who is not a member of the family for compensation. A Boarding House is not a Family Care Home, Homeless Shelter, Rehabilitation Home, Residential Care Facility, Transitional Housing, or any other use more specifically defined in this section or the Land Development Code. There are two (2) classifications of Boarding Houses:
(1) RESIDENTIAL LODGING HOUSE. A single-family dwelling where one or more occupants are primarily permanent in nature, and rent is paid for guestrooms. A Residential Lodging House is a Boarding House that is owner-occupied and has 5 or fewer guestrooms. A residential lodging house with more than five boarders is prohibited.
(2) COMMERCIAL BOARDING HOUSE. A building arranged or used for lodging for compensation. with or without meals, and not occupied as a single-family dwelling. A Commercial Boarding House is a Boarding House that is either a) not owner-occupied or b) owner-occupied and contains more than 5 guestrooms. A commercial boarding house with more than 8 boarders is prohibited.

Operators/Owners must renew your license for the operation of a boarding home at least 90 days prior to the expiration of your current license, but cannot apply for renewal before 210 days prior to the expiration of your current license. Failure to submit a complete renewal application and renewal fee will be deemed to be an abandonment of the license as of the renewal deadline. The Director will serve notice of the failure of renewal which will be deemed to be complete upon certified mailing, return receipt requested, or personal delivery.

No application will be accepted without the below items and documentation:

  • Complete and Notarized application with $100 non-refundable application (payable to Metro Finance).
  • Criminal Record Check performed for every Owner, Officer, Director and Employee that may have direct contact with a child.
  • Notarized Statement from all owners, officers, directors, and employees that have direct contact with a child that each does not
    have a criminal record involving a felony violation of any crime against a minor, or an equivalent law of another jurisdiction
    within ten years preceding the date of application, or any violation of this ordinance.
  • Resident/client profile with a statement as to whether or not convicted felons and/or registered sex offenders may be accepted
    as residents.
  • Site plan (drawn to scale) and Floor plan (drawn to scale)-must show the location and dimensions of all bedrooms
  • Copy of lease for non-owner applicant, and lease shall indicate approval as a boarding house and lease shall remain valid at a
    minimum of application date to September 1st.
  • Rules of conduct
  • Business management plan
  • Proof of compliance with the Revenue Commission
  • Metro tax revenue number

Download the Boarding Home application

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