Annual Contractor Renewals

To simplify and make easier your ability obtain, renew and update your license, we are accepting license documents online throughout the year. Simply click the link below and upload your new documents. The customer service team will receive these via email and update within the next two business days. 

Save Time & Paper - Submit Everything Online! 

*Payment cannot be made online


If you do choose to mail your documents and information to us, please use the address listed below with ATTN: License Update. 

Required Information

1) Company Name & License Number 

2) Revenue Commission Account Number 

3) Liability and Workmen’s Comp insurance Certificate(s)

We must be listed as Certificate Holder on all insurance certificates:
MAIL TO: Office of Construction Review
                   444 S. 5th Street, Suite 100
                   Louisville, KY 40202 

4) If you are licensed as a residential contractor you are required to complete six hours of Continuing Education each year per LMCO 150.084 (D). Please submit copies of these certificates with all other renewal documents.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact us at 502-574-3321, Option #1.