Vacant Property Application Checklist

Are you ready to acquire a property? 


Before submitting your application, here are some things to remember:
  • The electronic application requires that you upload program specific documents. 
  • If your application is incomplete, it will be denied, and you will have to resubmit your application. 
  • Properties cannot be reserved by submitting an incomplete application, so be sure you have everything you need before you begin!
  • Once started, an application cannot be saved.

 Here are the requirements to participate in any of the programs:
  • Did you check the list to see if we own the property?
  • Have you paid taxes on all of your properties?
  • Are your properties free and clear of code violations?
  • Do you have proof of funds?
  • Are all the documents ready to upload for the program you selected?

Here are the requirements to participate in the following specific programs:

A. Adjacent Side Yard

  • Deed or Jefferson County PVA records to show proof that you own the adjoining property

B. Cut It, Keep It on YOUR Block

  • Deed or Jefferson County PVA records to show proof that you own a structure on the same block

C. New Construction/Special Projects (applies to single family, multi-family, commercial structures, or agricultural developments)

  • Project Description
  • Company Description
  • Improvement specifications – Detail the repairs that need to be completed, estimated costs, and contractor name
  • Estimated project budget
  • Timeline for completion of project
  • List or portfolio of comparable previous projects, if applicable
  • Site plan and building renderings, if available (may be required prior to closing)
  • For Budget Rate Policy and Agricultural Projects – Describe and provide proof of funds

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