Special Sales

Sometimes the Landbank Authority will hold special sales for large-scale redevelopment, for properties with higher value or for properties previously used by Louisville Metro Government. Learn more about those special sales below.

Solicitations of Interest (SOI)

When would the Landbank issue an SOI?

  • Most Landbank and Urban Renewal properties are small and residential in nature and are suitable to sell through the current Landbank sales programs. From time to time, the Landbank acquires property higher in value or that has the potential for large-scale redevelopment.  This can include larger parcels, multiple adjacent parcels, commercially zoned lots, or properties historic in nature.
  • All SOI's are launched on the third Monday of each month.

Why does the Landbank issue SOIs?

  • The Landbank issues SOIs in order to prioritize the importance of the end use to the community. With the SOI process, all kinds of proposals can be submitted– retail, residential, multi-family, commercial, social service centers, incubators, etc.  Due to the variety in proposals for each site, each one will be reviewed to find the best possible, most feasible project to benefit the community.

What is involved in an SOI?

  • A strong SOI response will demonstrate a clear benefit to the community and will include a site plan, renderings of the planned development, estimated budget, timeline, and proof of funds.  Most SOIs will have a deadline of 30-60 days from the launch date to submit a proposal.

How can I make sure I am notified when an SOI is issued?


Property Owned by Metro Government

Louisville Metro Government periodically offers real estate property for sale that is determined to no longer be needed for a government purpose.  Metro's Real Estate Assets Policies and Procedures can be found here.


Privately-Owned Property

If a vacant property is not owned by Metro, Louisville Metro is unable to force a change in ownership, unless the property has significant Building & Housing liens or delinquent taxes. Then, Louisville Metro may facilitate acquisition by initiating a foreclosure action. If you would like to report a vacant property, please call 311, and a Code Enforcement inspector will visit the property. 

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