Metro-owned Properties for Sale or Lease

Louisville Metro Government has no current Solicitations of Interest available for properties.  Please check back with this website as it changes frequently.

When Louisville Metro Government determines that properties are no longer needed for a governmental purpose, those parcels are made available for sale or lease.  Generally, this is done through a Solicitation of Interest process, in which interested parties submit project-specific information to Metro.  Solicitations of Interest, as available, will be listed on this webpage.  The Metro Real Estate Assets Policies and Procedures are available here.

If you are interested in a parcel owned by Louisville Metro that is not listed on this page, please email inquiries to Metro Real Estate. Please include your contact information as well as the parcel address and ID.

Louisville Metro also staffs the Louisville and Jefferson County Landbank Authority, Inc. and the Urban Renewal and Community Development Agency of Louisville. Their properties available for disposition are shown at this link,, or by phone at (502) 574-4200.

Curious how to figure out who owns a property and whether is it available for purchase through the city? Watch this video tutorial.