Real Property for Sale


The Office of Community Development manages the sale of Metro-owned and Landbank-owned properties.


Louisville and Jefferson County Landbank Authority, Inc.

  • Landbank inventory contains approximately 500 vacant parcels, mostly lots.
  • Acquisitions occur through foreclosure sales and private donations.
  • Properties are offered for sale via approved sales programs for lots and - as available - structures.

Additional information regarding sales can be found on this page, Purchase Vacant Property From Landbank, or by calling (502) 574-4200.


Metro-owned Properties

  • Periodically, Metro-owned properties are found to be no longer needed for a public purpose. 
  • Metro-owned properties - as available - are offered for sale through a Solicitation of Interest process.

Information on properties currently available for sale can be found on this page, Metro-owned Properties for Sale or Lease, or by calling (502) 574-4016.


Curious how to figure out who owns a property and whether is it available for purchase through the city? Watch this video tutorial.


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