Abandoned Property Foreclosure Program

Why does Louisville Metro Government foreclose on private property?

Metro forecloses on abandoned properties in order to force a change in ownership. When a property owner abandons a piece of property, or dies without heirs to take responsibility for the property, one of the only ways to change ownership of that property is through a foreclosure action. A foreclosure is a lawsuit to terminate an owner’s interest in a property. Metro’s primary goal with this program is to transfer property from irresponsible/deceased owners to responsible owners.

What makes a property a candidate for Metro foreclosure?
  • The property is abandoned, meaning it has been vacant and unmaintained by the owner for at least one year.
  • Metro has placed liens on the property for property maintenance code violations or because the city has had to cut the grass or board openings.
  • Property taxes are delinquent on the property. 
How does Metro decide which properties to foreclose on?

The vast majority of Metro foreclosures are selected strategically to magnify the impact of other Metro projects and initiatives.




About 12% of Metro foreclosures are filed at the request of other Metro agencies or partner organizations to support specific objectives.



Roughly 8% of Metro foreclosures are filed at the request of private citizens who wish to acquire a specific abandoned property.

Is there a specific abandoned property that you would like to acquire but have been unable to locate the owner and negotiate a sale?
Metro forecloses on a few properties each year at the request of private citizens.