Who is Reponsible? Alleys, Right of Ways and Streets

Who is responsible for cleaning the alley behind my house?
It is the responsibility of the person or company owning or occupying the property to remove all rubbish, weeds, trash, waste, or litter from the center line of the alley, street or easement that borders the property to the property line. This is found in the City Codified Ordinances Chapter 156.

Am I also responsible for the street and sidewalk that is in front of my house?
If your property borders a public area such as sidewalks, steps, driveways, parking spaces, and similar paved areas for public use, you are responsible for the upkeep of this area. This includes keeping the area free of all overhanging trees, shrubs, and other debris that block walkways, as well as keeping it from dangerous conditions. If any portion of a sidewalk or driveway is a danger to the public, the dangerous section must be repaired by the owner.

What is Rubbish?
Rubbish is any combustible and noncombustible waste material, except garbage. This includes but is not limited to, residue from burning of wood, coal, coke; wood; paper; rags; cartons; boxes; wood; excelsior; rubber; leather; tree branches; yard trimmings; tin cans; metals; appliances; glass; dust; etc.


What is the standard measurement of weeds before it is considered overgrowth and violates the law?
Weeds or plant growth over 10 inches is considered overgrowth. Weeds are defined as all grasses, annual plants and vegetation other than trees or shrubs. All noxious weeds are prohibited. This does not include cultivated flowers and gardens.

What are the penalties for breaking the law?
Any person who violates this ordinance is subject to civil and/or criminal penalties and fines ranging from $25 to $1,000 and possibly the cost of the cleaning.

In summary, it is the responsibility of all residents who are adjacent to public alleys, right-of-ways, streets and sidewalks to maintain that property as they do their personal property. This includes removal of all rubbish, weeds, and other refuse.

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