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Vacant Structure & Vacant Lot Reporting
Search our database for Vacant Structures and/or Vacant Lots by using the report generator. You can define your search for specific neighborhoods or Louisville Metro Council Districts.
Update your Vacant Lot Status
Use this reporting form to report whether a properties status of occupied or vacant has changed.

Is the Vacant Lot next door overgrown and filled with garbage?  Does the Metro Owned Property need mowing and cleaning? 

Vacant Lots - Statistics

  • Mowed and cleaned approximately 790 Metro Owned Properties.
  • On average, approximately 1,500  private properties were mowed, cleaned or boarded by official order per year.
  • On average approximately 1,200 vacant houses and apartments are boarded each year.  


Contact MetroCall at 502.574.5000 or 311 and give a detailed description and approximate location/address.  MetroCall is open 7:00am - 7:00pm, Monday - Friday.