Vacant Lots Abatement

The Vacant Lots Abatement division is dedicated to eradicating blight from neighborhoods across Louisville. With specialized subdivisions focusing on Vacant Lots Maintenance, Graffiti Abatement, and Vacant and Abandoned Properties, our teams are committed to enhancing the city's quality of life by revitalizing its spaces. From meticulous upkeep to swift graffiti removal and proactive management of abandoned properties, we work to ensure a cleaner, more vibrant Louisville for all its residents.

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What is “Abatement”? 

Abatement generally refers to the reduction, elimination, or moderation of something undesirable or harmful.

Vacant Lot Abatement can have several positive effects on a community and the environment. Here are some ways that our Vacant Lots Abatement division improves our city!

Improves Neighborhood Aesthetics

Vacant lots can often become eyesores in communities, attracting illegal dumping, overgrowth, and other forms of blight. Abating vacant lots through cleanup efforts, landscaping, and maintenance can significantly improve the visual appeal of neighborhoods, making them more attractive places to live and work.

Reduces Crime & Public Safety Risks

Vacant lots can sometimes become hotspots for criminal activity, including vandalism and illegal dumping. By abating these lots and transforming them into well-maintained spaces, criminal behavior is deterred, and public safety improves.

Increases Property Values

Vacant lots in disrepair can drag down property values in surrounding areas. By abating these lots and giving new life to the property and structure, or by converting them into other productive uses, property values in the neighborhood may increase, benefiting homeowners and local economies.

Enhances Environmental Quality

Neglected vacant lots can contribute to environmental degradation by serving as breeding grounds for pests, accumulating trash and debris, and impeding natural drainage. Proper maintenance and landscaping can help mitigate these environmental issues, improving air and water quality and supporting local ecosystems.

Fosters Community Engagement

Vacant lot abatement projects often involve collaboration among community members, nonprofits, and other stakeholders. Engaging residents in the process of revitalizing vacant lots can foster a sense of ownership, pride, and cohesion within the community.

Creates Opportunities for Urban Agriculture and Green Spaces

Abated vacant lots can be repurposed into community gardens, urban farms, parks, or other green spaces that provide recreational opportunities, promote urban biodiversity, and contribute to food security by enabling local food production.


Check Out the Facts

Facts 1

Crews regularly mow and clean approximately 
760 Metro-owned properties and an average of 
2,800 private properties throughout the year.
Facts 2

Graffiti Abatement crews clean and cover 
over approximately 4,240 pieces of graffiti 
vandalism per year. 
Facts 3

Around 1,460 private properties are boarded 
by official orders annually.
Facts 4

Vacant Lots Abatement regularly maintains 
an Annual Cut List which is made up of more 
than 1,400 abandoned properties throughout 
Louisville Metro.

Need to Report a Problem? 

Is the vacant lot next door overgrown or filled with garbage? Has a previously secured vacant or abandoned property been broken into? Contact Metro311 at (502) 574-5000, or 311, and give a detailed description and approximate location or address and and one of our Code Enforcement Officers will come out to evaluate the property.

Metro311 is open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

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