Rental Registry FAQ

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What is the registry, and what information will it include?

In December 2022, Louisville Metro Council passed an ordinance requiring property owners to register all their rental units with the city and pay a fee ranging from $25 to $250 as part of a new Louisville Metro Government rental registry. The registry will include the address of the rental unit and the contact information for the owner(s) and, if applicable, the management company.

How will the registry be used?

The registry will provide accurate and up-to-date contact information for property owners and management companies to help the city better identify and contact the responsible parties should Code Enforcement Officers find code violations at a rental property. Louisville Metro Government will randomly select properties from the list each year to undergo inspections to ensure the units meet the city code of ordinances.

What is considered a rental unit?

Under the ordinance, a rental unit is any housing unit that is or may be available for rent or is occupied or rented by a tenant or subtenant in exchange for money or other compensation.

Are there any exemptions to the rental registry ordinance?

A rental unit may be exempt from the registry if it is a short-term rental, hotel, government-owned or operated housing, or is an accessory dwelling unit located on the same property as an owner-occupied unit. A full list of exemptions is listed under Chapter 119.02 of the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances (LMCO).

How do I register my rental housing unit or multifamily housing facility?

Registration is available online here. Property owners or managers may also apply at the Department of Codes & Regulations office located at 444 S. 5th St., Suite 200, Louisville, KY 40202.

Can property owners submit a single application when there are multiple units at a single address?

Yes, a property owner can register any multifamily rental facility as a whole; however, the application must list the individual addresses of every single unit. If the units are located on different parcels, property owners must submit multiple applications.

Is there a registration fee?

A nonrefundable fee shall accompany the registration form. The fee structure is based on the following zoning classifications:

  • R-4 (max 4.84 per acre) - $25
  • R-5 (max 7.26 per acre) - $25
  • R-5A (max 12.01 per acre) - $50
  • R-6 (max 17.42 per acre) - $50
  • R-7 (max 34.8 per acre) - $50
  • R-8 (max 58.08 per acre) - $100
  • OR (max 12 per acre) - $50 
  • OR-2 (max 58.08 per acre) - $100
  • OR-3 (max 217 per acre) - $250
  • C-R (max 38 per acre) - $50
  • C-1 (max 38.84 per acre) - $50 
  • C-2 (max 217/145 acre) - $250 
  • C-3 (max 435 per acre) - $250
  • CM and Up (none) - $50
What registration information do property owners need to provide?

The registration form requires the following information:

  • Address of the rental unit(s)
  • Property owner’s name or names
  • Mailing and physical address(es) of the owner(s)
  • Telephone number(s) of the owner(s)
  • Email address(es) of the owner(s)

If the owner is a partnership, company or similar entity, the following information must be provided for the responsible individual or officer:

  • Individual’s name
  • Mailing and physical address(es) of the individual
  • Telephone number of the individual
  • Email address of the individual

If someone other than the owner(s) manage the property, the following information must be provided:

  • Name of property manager(s)
  • Mailing and physical address(es) of the property manager(s)
  • Telephone number(s) of the property manager(s)
  • Email address(es) of the property manager(s)
How often are registrations renewed?

Registrations and registration fees are renewed and paid annually. If a property changes ownership, then the new owner(s) must re-register. Registrations do not transfer with ownership. 

What if rental unit(s) were previously registered in accordance with LMCO Chapter 119?

Rental units registered at the time that the ordinance takes effect shall not be required to re-register as long as they do not have any outstanding codes violations. Those previously registered will re-register by July 1, 2024. 

How will the ordinance be enforced?

Property owners who do not comply with the rental registry will be subject to inspection of all their rental units. Failure to register is subject to a fine up to $100 per day per housing unit.

Will I be given notice before an inspection?

The Department of Codes & Regulations will give property owners or managers adequate notice before a proactive inspection takes place. The department will also take steps to notify the unit’s tenant(s); however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner and manager to notify tenants of an upcoming inspection.

What will inspectors look for?

Code Enforcement Officers will look for any violations of LMCO Chapter 156.

Top 5 most commonly cited exterior violations:

  1. High grass/weeds and/or garbage, rubbish, or debris
  2. Illegally parked/stored vehicles
  3. Damaged structures (garages, sheds, fences, etc.)
  4. Dead/dangerous trees
  5. Roof, gutters, downspouts that are damaged and/or clogged

Top 5 most commonly cited interior violations:

  1. Inoperable furnace, or furnace in need of repairs
  2. Inoperable/improperly installed water heater
  3. Leaks within the interior of the structure
  4. Interior surfaces damaged and/or contaminated with mold/mildew
  5. Missing/inoperable smoke detectors
What happens if code violations are found?

Code Enforcement Officers will work with the property owner or management company and the tenant(s) to resolve any identified violations. The property owner will receive a notice of violation and may face citations. The Department of Codes & Regulations will escalate enforcement of code violations if needed.

I have a complaint about the condition of my rental unit, or a problem arises after my unit is inspected. Who should I contact?

If a tenant is having trouble contacting their landlord or management company, they should call Metro311 at 311 or (502) 574-5000. Metro311 will contact the Department of Codes & Regulations who will send out an inspector to investigate the code violations.


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