Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti abatement refers to efforts to remove and prevent graffiti vandalism in public spaces or on private property. While graffiti can be seen as an art form in some contexts, unauthorized graffiti on public or private property without permission can have negative impacts.

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Graffiti vandalism can deface buildings, bridges, public transportation, and other structures, leading to aesthetic degradation and potentially reducing property values. Graffiti vandalism can also contribute to a sense of urban decay and blight in neighborhoods, making residents and visitors feel unsafe or unwelcome. At the same time, graffiti vandalism can deter investment, tourism, and business activity in affected areas. 

By promptly removing graffiti and addressing graffiti-prone areas, graffiti abatement helps to combat blight and improve the overall quality of life in communities and support economic development efforts.


Graffiti: The More You Know

Graffiti vandalism inflicts significant financial losses on property owners annually. Not only is it costly, but it's also a criminal offense. Offenders caught vandalizing property risk arrest, fines of up to $1,000, and even vehicle impoundment.

According to Local ordinance §131: Offenses Against Property, graffiti is broadly defined as “Drawings, inscriptions, or markings, of whatever kind, character, or description, made using aerosol spray paint, etching acid or other etching materials, or broad- tipped indelible markers or other similar materials on a wall or other surface, so as to be seen by the public, placed there by a person other than the lawful owner or occupant of the property, without consent or acceptance of said owner or occupant.”

The ordinance further outlines regulations governing the sale of items commonly used in graffiti vandalism, enforcement procedures, measures for graffiti abatement, vehicle impoundment and more. For detailed information, refer to §131.

Kentuckiana Crime Stoppers is actively combatting graffiti vandalism in Louisville. If you have information about graffiti incidents or the individuals responsible, please call (502) 582-2583. Monetary rewards are available for those who assist in apprehending graffiti criminals. Learn more about Kentuckiana Crime Stoppers.

Join us in preserving the beauty of Louisville. Let's work together to eradicate graffiti vandalism from our streets.

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