Charitable Street Solicitation


Attention all charitable organizations….

 LMCO Chapter 71 and KRS § 189.570

On August 8, 2019, the Louisville Metro Council passed an ordinance to enhance pedestrian and traffic safety on the roadway.  The previous Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances (“LMCO”) which addressed charitable solicitation (LMCO Chapter 117) has been REPEALED.  This new ordinance enacted a new section within LMCO Chapter 71.  Beginning on October 9, 2019, Officers will enforce LMCO  71.10, which stipulates pedestrians must cross at crosswalks or intersections on arterial roadways, and pedestrians cannot stand on a gore, median, or roadway unless certain exceptions are met.  The penalty for violating LMCO § 71.10 is a minimum of fine of $25 to a maximum fine of $250. 

See LMCO Chapter 71 and KRS § 189.570.