Alcoholic Beverage Licenses


See steps below to obtain an Alcoholic Beverage License.
For procedures on Temporary ABC licenses click here.

Every ABC applicant must post notice of the application for original license, any amendments to original license, or application for additional license.

  • Must be posted at time application is filed and remain posted until approval or denial
  • Must be at least 14 point font size
  • Printed on at least 8.5X11in yellow paper of durable material

*Failure to post notice may result in a delay of the approval or denial process.

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Review the following Cost: 


Metro ABC License Types & Fees

Metro Fee Schedules

Louisville Metro Wet / Dry Precincts

Metro Preliminary Steps 


Submit a copy of your completed state ABC application(s) and all attachments to the Louisville Metro ABC office along with the Louisville Metro ABC local application fees and required documentation stated on the application.

STEP 2.  ZONING CONFIRMATION:                                                            

Every ABC applicant will need to contact Planning and Design, 444 S. 5th St., Suite 300, phone (502)574-8662.  There is a $25.00 charge for the Zoning Confirmation and return to ABC.

Other Required Forms in addition to State Application


Obtain local tax clearance from the Louisville/Jefferson County Revenue Commission located at 617 W. Jefferson St, Louisville, Ky. 40202. Phone (502) 574-4900 or Fax (502) 574-4818 to make sure all delinquent taxes owed to Louisville Metro Government are paid or payment arrangements made. No ABC license will be issued unless all taxes owed are in compliance. After you have obtained their approval; return the clearance form to the Louisville Metro ABC Office. 

Tax Clearance Form (PDF)


Every ABC applicant that will sell food and/or alcohol by the drink must obtain a health certificate from the Louisville Metro Health Dept. located at 400 E. Gray Street, phone 502-574-6650. A copy or proof of inspection must be furnished to the Louisville Metro ABC Office before an ABC license will be approved.


STEP 5. AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION:                                                          

Every ABC applicant is required to advertise by publication his or her intention to apply for an ABC License.  Complete the Affidavit of Publications form and submit to The Courier Journal.  When the Ad has been posted, a clipping of the advertisement and the Affidavit of Publication must be attached.



Any ABC premises under construction, remodeling, or expanding the premises to be licensed must obtain BUILDING CODE APPROVAL AND ZONING APPROVAL. Please remember your Louisville Metro ABC licenses will not be issued until all approvals and certificates of occupancy have been issued.



Prepare a certified check, cashier check or money order. Make payable to: (Metro Finance).  You are now ready to submit your application, attachments, and application fees to the Louisville Metro Office.



After the Louisville Metro ABC has approved your application and issued the local license, you will need to forward a copy of your locally endorsed application, along with payment, to the State ABC Office in Frankfort, which is needed to obtain your State license. Louisville Metro application(s) usually takes approximately 30 – 45 days to process before approval may be given; Therefore, please complete and submit application well in advance of your opening date as to allow ample time for both Metro Louisville ABC and the State ABC time to process your application and issue your State alcoholic beverage licenses.

Kentucky State ABC address:

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

500 Mero Street, 2NE33

Frankfort, Ky 40601

In order to sell alcoholic beverages in the Louisville Metro every premise must have a Louisville Metro, State and Federal License. Listed below are contact numbers for each of these offices.

  1. Louisville Metro ABC Offices 502-574-3591
  2. State of Kentucky ABC Office 502-564-4850