Social Innovation

Innovation sesssion at LouieLab

The Office of Civic Innovation and Technology views hackathons as a key component of our strategy to not only institutionalize innovation, but to connect with our citizens, the tech community and any of our project stakeholders. It is a critical piece of collaborative strategy in the generation of civic engagement, relationship building and problem solving. We partner with our local Code for America chapter, Code for Kentuckiana, in addition to quarterly hackathons and public events that encapsulate our focus areas. This is in addition to nation-wide events, such as the National Civic Data of Hacking and Open Data Day.



  • Waze Data – Utilizing data from our Waze CCP Partnership across multiple internal agencies to create new tools and uses cases for Waze traffic data.

  • Analog Hackathon – An accessible, trojan horse hackathon training tool we utilize to make the concept of a hackathon accessible and approachable to non-technical participants.