Service Catalog

The core purpose of Department of Information Technology is to enable Louisville Metro Government to deliver valued services to the community. This is accomplished by providing quality services that meet the needs of Metro Government agencies. This guide is a brief description of those services. Department of Information Technology has selected preferred providers and products as part of the standard service offerings. These were selected because they offer the most cost effective service to meet the business need. DoIT staff has been trained to assist with implementing and supporting these services for Metro Government. Support for non-standard services may be limited or considerably more expensive for the requesting agency.

For assistance with any of our services please contact the DoIT Service Desk at 502-574-4444 or request information about our services

Asset Management Asset Management - Provide an accurate inventory, repeatable tracking solutions for all infrastructure assets and full life cycle management. Ensure maximized infrastructure investments, reduce costs, tighten internal controls, and improve productivity. 

Data Center

Data Center Operations - Includes support for Metro Louisville datacenters, backup and recovery, infrastructure, security updates and remote access. Learn more.
Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Government - The Department of Information Technology's Operations Team works to avoid disruptions to service for Metro Government. In the event that a system failure occurs, we have mechanisms in place to provide fast recovery times for data that is important to our agencies. DoIT staff work to develop and execute work plans for implementation of solutions taking into consideration the customer’s operational and strategic needs.
Helpdesk Support  - Provides high quality infrastructure, service, and support in the delivery of technology products and services to enable and empower Louisville Metro constituents.  Learn more.

IT Security, Cyber Security & Compliance - Responsible for the Louisville Metro Government CyberSecurity program. Committed to protecting the information of citizens, city employees and affiliates. Ensure the proper identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities. Learn more.

Network Management - Network services include high-speed internet connections to Metro facilities and mobile units. In addition, DoIT provides wireless access and support for Metro owned devices and at Metro owned facilities. Learn more.
Revenue Commission IT Services - Responsible for supporting the technology needs of the Revenue Commission, including all online tax payment services. Learn more.
Software Applications - DoIT provides application hosting services to support enterprise and departmental applications. Learn more.
Technology Planning - The Department of Information Technology assists Metro Departments with the technology component of their strategic plan and/or assist in completing a separate technology strategic planning document. Department level technology strategic plans align with the DoIT Strategic Plan and the Mayor's Strategic Plan.
Technology Acquisition -  Identifies, evaluates and recommends standard hardware and software to ensure that the technology is compatible with other DoIT resources, and can be supported by existing systems and DoIT staff. This service takes into account technology provisioning, compatibility, cost savings, life cycle, and integration needs. Learn more.
Video Services - Video services include a suite of technology for video services, including camera ordering, installation and wiring. Learn more.
Voice Services - The Department of Information Technology provides reliable voice solutions to all Metro agencies and affiliated government agencies operating within Louisville. We are currently in a transition period from traditional telephone solutions to Voice over IP (VoIP) systems, with an expected completion of December 2016. Voice services include a suite of technology for analog and digital phone services, including Telephones, Voice mail, Voice mail Automated Attendants, Voice over IP technology, conference calling, and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).
Web & Mobile Application Services - Mobile application development, delivery and support services poised to deliver best in class online services for Metro Louisville. Learn more.
VIP Support VIP Support - VIP Support is the provision of services where the need exceeds the Standard Support model in response time and level of effort. Learn more.


The Department of Information Technology By The Numbers:

  • 270 Site Locations
  • 2Data centers
  • 1,113 Body cameras deployed
  • 1,000 Network devices
  • 156 Open data sets online
  • 11,000,000 Average emails scanned in a year
  • 730 Malware events prevented using antivirus
  • 200+ Business systems supported
  • 1,000 Password resets per month
  • 6,100 Users
  • 328/113 Virtual/private servers
  • 3,300+ Strands of fiber connecting the city's data network
  • 600 TB Data stored
  • 765 TBBackup storage
  • 3,700Telephone users supported
  • 3,000 Calls per month
  • 6,600PCs, laptops & mobile devices