LouieLab is a civic innovation hub for public-private collaboration, and coworking space that features an open office and run by the Office of Performance Improvment. It is a physical manifestation of continuous improvement and innovation that are the foundation of Louisville Metro Government. This space is available to the public for events and co-working. Events held at the LouieLab must have a public benefit in order to reserve the space for free.

To reserve the lab for your event, please email us.

Innovation Space

The LouieLab is Louisville Metro Government’s civic innovation space. It is overseen by the Office of Performance Improvement. It has four separate areas:

  • Co-working Room: large table seating 28, plus several small couch seating areas for an additional 12 people, equipped with two monitors for presentations, Chromecast, and Apple TV

  • Training Room: seats 26 with a mounted projector with Chromecast, Apple TV and HDMI

  • Large Conference Room: seats 12, with conference call capability, a monitor for presentations, Chromecast, Apple TV and white boards

  • Small Conference Room: seats 6, with conference call capability, a monitor for presentations, Chromecast, Apple TV, and white board



Since its inception in 2017 the LouieLab has freely hosted hundreds of events, and over a hundred external organizations, non-profits, companies, and visiting governments. Some examples include:


The co-working space is open during regular business hours to any member of the public who is actively working on a project approved by a Louisville Metro Government sponsor. The space is also available for Metro employees with supervisor approval.

The LouieLab is open from 8am-5pm. Those seeking space for events, meetings, or work space outside of normal business hours must have a sponsor from the Mayor’s Innovation Advisory Council, or the Office of Performance Improvement. Event sponsors must stay for the duration of events held at the LouieLab.




745 W Main St
4th Floor
Louisville, KY 40202

Interactive Street View

Building Exterior

LouieLab Opening

Watch this video to learn more about the LouieLab and how we co-create with the public, as resident’s front door to government: