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The information on this page is designed to help you use the Louisville Metro Business Portal, Louisville Metro's 311 Reporting System, and the 311 Mobile App for iPhone and Android from our partner Accela. This page is being updated continuously with new information and allows you to view a growing collection of resources including, current application status, onboarding instructions, links, documentation and more.  If you don't find what you need on this page, you can contact one of the following departments:

  • Metro 311: Just dial 311 or email 311
  • Construction Review: (502) 574-3321
  • Codes & Regulations: (502) 574-2508 (Rental Registry accounts)
  • Public Works: (Right of Way): (502) 574-3121
  • Planning & Design: (502) 574-6230
  • Special Events: 572-3467
  • Air Pollution Control District (APCD): Before submitting an application for an Air Pollution Control District permit, please contact APCD at (502) 574-6000.


311 Information
Mobile App

Louisville Metro Business Portal


  • Metro311 Service Request Information

    • Submit a Service Request
    • Anything submitted in the old reporting system (prior to June 19, 2019) will not show in the new system. Please call Metro311 for status.
    • To receive email notifications of the status of your service request you must have an account and you must have included your email address when you created your account. Create a new account by clicking the Sign Up button in the upper right of the screen. Login - Sign Up
    • Not all issues you put a service request in for require you to login. Some issues may be submitted anonymously, such as reporting a pothole and property maintenance cases, for instance. But having an account will allow you to track the progress and status of the request.
    • The outlined or highlighted area on the map indicates the area which is serviced by Louisville Metro Government.
    • If you do not see a category which corresponds to your issue, please call Metro 311 at 311.

  • Mobile Applications

    • The Louisville Metro 311 Mobile App is free from the Apple Store (iOS users) and from the Google Play  (Android users).

      Look for this app logo in your app store:

      Louisville Metro 311 App icon

      Download the apps now from the Apple Store and on Google Play (now):
      Download from Apple Phone store Download from Google Play store

        Metro311 Mobile App
  • Louisville Metro Business Portal (Accela Citizen Access) (ACA)

    • Notice: Please use the password reset tool to reset your password. If you are having issues resetting your password online, please visit our office at 444 S. 5th Street with proof of identity to complete the process.
    • All current registered users of the city's business portal (the system in place before June 19, 2019) received an email with information about their username and password, so they will not have to create a new account.
    • Visit the Louisville Metro Business Portal (ACA) to create a new account, login or search.
    • If you have never had an account for your business with Louisville Metro Government, you can begin the registration process on the new ACA portal,
      however you will need to contact the associated Louisville Metro department to discuss the required steps to verify your business with us:

      • Construction Review: (502) 574-3321 (Construction permits and licenses)
      • Codes & Regulations: (502) 574-2508 (Business licenses)
      • Public Works (Right of Way): (502) 574-3121
      • Planning & Design: (502) 574-6230
      • Special Events: (502) 572-3467
      • Air Pollution Control District: Before submitting an application for an Air Pollution Control District permit, please contact APCD at (502) 574-6000.
    • In order to request a permit, license or application you must create an account.
    • When you create a new account you should remember the answer to the security question you created. You will use it to reset your password if needed in the future:
      Security question/answer
    • When your account has been created, you won't be automatically logged in. You must login to gain access:
      Accela Login
    • Once you have an account and you are logged in, you can change your profile settings in Account Management:
      ACA Account Management
    • When you log into ACA, you should be able to see all of the permits/licenses that you have open or in process.
    • Search
      You can look up information on permits, licenses and applications without an account using the search function:

      ACA - Search
    • At the end of the process to submit a permit, license or application, if you do not see a “button” that says Print/View permit, please go to the Record Details and under Attachments, you will see the permit.  You must download the permit first and then print when accessing via the attachments.
    • Please note that if you schedule an inspection using ACA, the inspection will be scheduled for the next day but will be changed to reflect the actual inspection date once the inspector has reviewed the request.
    • If you have an item (s) saved in the cart, you will see if under My Records. Once you have records in the system, you can group them in a collection to find them more easily.  You must have records in the system first:
    • To edit your Contact Information under Account Management, click on the View button. In the Contact Information section, the more information you add the better.  It will help for current and future permits:
      Contact Information
  • Maintenance

    • No maintenance currently planned.