Parade of Cultures

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Parade of Cultures

Date & Time: Due to the concern of health & safety, Worldfest: Parade of Cultures will be presented virtually this year with a special Celebration of Cultures ceremony airing the week of August 31 - September 4 2020

Signs & Flags
We will provide signs identifying the country and the flags. NOTE: If you would like assistance in borrowing a flag to represent your country during the parade, YOU MUST provide a photo ID and telephone number in order to receive your flag day of the event. Your ID will be issued back you upon return of your flag.

At the end of the Parade, the flag bearer will place the flag in an open flag base next to the stage. Immediately following the parade, please return the sign and flag to the check-in area where you received it from. 
Parade Dress
All groups are encouraged to wear the traditional outfit of your native country. Comfortable walking shoes are a must.
Parade Route

The Parade of Cultures is now tentatively scheduled.  

Parade Route will begin on 5th and Market Street: travel straight towards Main St. and Belvedere ramp; once arrived at the Belvedere proceed up ramp to the Overlook Stage.

NOTE: Vehicle Restrictions

Any vehicle planning to take part in the Parade of Cultures WILL NOT be permitted to go onto the Belvedere. ALL vehicles in the parade will be required to turn left on Main Street and proceed west exiting the parade.