Chinese Cultural Experience

WKU Confucius Institute




WorldFest is partnering with WKU Confucius Institute and kicking off the Festival with a new Children’s World program on Friday, September 1 through Sunday, September 3. There will be 20 interactive activities that will highlight specific aspects of the Chinese culture.  For instance, there will be a Language table, traditional Chinese Zodiac Games, Tai Chi demonstrations, Fan painting/dancing and much more! 

In addition, we will have the Chinese Cultural Experience mobile unit on display that will provide a more holistic portrait of the Chinese culture.  The unit is a 40-foot RV retrofitted to be a Chinese museum on wheels.  There are six individual stations located in the mobile, and each station is equipped with a touch screen television screen for interactivity.    

Confucius Mobile Unit

If your school or organization is interested in scheduling a visit to the Chinese Cultural Experience mobile unit, please call 502-574-3427. 

Chinese Cultural Experience Activities:

  • Chinese Calligraphy – Chinese fans, tiles, and traditional paper will be used to interact with the audience, by teaching them how to write Chinese characters, and even their names.   
  • Chinese Zodiac Games – Multiple games  designed to teach the audience about the Chinese Zodiac signs, their significance, and their representation to the Chinese culture.   
  • Musical Instrument Demonstration – Members of the  Chinese music club will perform musical demonstrations and interact and  teach the audience how to use traditional  Chinese instruments..   
  • Tea Ceremony – Lessons on  how to properly prepare a cup of tea, and the significance of the ceremony.  Also, various teas will be displayed and tasted. 
  • Language Table/Booth – The audience will be introduced to the Chinese language and teachers will be on hand to teach basic Chinese words, and dialogue.   
  • Chopstick Demonstration –The art of utilizing chopsticks will be taught to the audience, using various objects, and food.   
  • Face Painting – Special symbols to  represent different aspects of the Chinese culture.   
  • Fan Painting & Dancing – Instruction on the calligraphy and the opportunity paint on fans.  Instruction on the  art of fan dancing and its significance to the Chinese culture.   
  • Traditional Chinese Games – Games exclusive to the Chinese culture will be on display, such as shuttlecock (similar to hacky sack), Chinese checkers and chess, and many more.  Teachers will interact with attendees to teach and play these games. 
  • Tai Chi Demonstrations – Fun displays and lessons demonstrating the art and purpose of TaiChi.   
  • Chinese Knotting – “Decorative knots” activity. 
  • Chinese Costume Corner – This area of the tent will allow the audience to try on traditional Chinese costumes, and take pictures.   
  • In addition to all of the programs above,  the  CI mobile will be on display and will provide a more holistic portrait of the Chinese culture.  The unit is a 40 foot RV retrofitted to be a Chinese museum on wheels with different stations that gives attendees a glimpse of China right in the communities they reside.