Our Money, Our Voice

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Community members – like you – will get to directly decide how to spend $150,000 of the public budget in Council Districts 6 and 8.

For the first time in Louisville Metro, the ‘Our Money, Our Voice’ participatory budgeting initiative will be piloted in these two Council Districts using $50,000 of capital infrastructure funds set aside by Council President David James (District 6) and Councilman Brandon Coan (District 8) and $50,000 in funds from the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement, an initiative of Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness.

This process will provide residents in their districts with an opportunity to vote on how that money will be spent. While this is a pilot, our goal is to use the lessons learned to expand participatory budgeting as a county-wide process.

For this community-led initiative, residents of district 6 and 8 will have an opportunity to have a say in a participatory budgeting initiative sponsored by Louisville Metro Government.

Opportunities for input occur at every step:

  • brainstorm ideas that improve the community
  • develop the ideas that were submitted into project proposals
  • vote for the best proposals among these community-led ideas
  • and fund the winning projects






Pilot KickOff
Idea Collection Events