My Dream for Lou

You Helped Create a Community Agenda for Change!



On October 6-8, 2016 the Center for Health Equity hosted the My Dream For Lou Summit. This event offered a space for Louisville residents of all ages and backgrounds to come together with community organizations, government agencies and elected officials to discuss significant challenges facing our communities and possible solutions. Mayor Greg Fischer welcomed the participants and keynote speaker State Representative-elect Attica Scott spoke about equity.

My Dream For Lou used a photovoice process to spark discussions. The photovoice process involved Louisville residents taking photos that meant something to them and then writing a story that explained why the photo was important. Residents used this process to answer the question “Where do you see hope in your community?”


My Dream For Lou: Policy Summit

These images were taken at the summit which happened October 6-8, 2016, at the Muhammad Ali Center.


The photovoice responses fell into four categories:

Participants broke into groups to discuss each theme and came up with the following policy proposals:

  • Require participatory budgeting (where residents vote on how a pot of tax dollars should be spent) for certain types of community projects. Because racism has resulted in an unequal distribution of resources, residents want to have input and dollars to be spent more fairly.
  • Identify roadblocks that keep younger generations from inheriting and developing their communities.
  • Use racial equity in zoning decisions; create and protect affordable housing.
  • Allow community input on decisions about public space and make access to public spaces more equitable.

The policy proposals developed by residents led to a participatory budgeting project in 2018-2019 called Our Money, Our Voice where residents of Council Districts 6 and 8 decided how to spend $200,000.

For more information on the photovoice process used and the policy proposals generated, please see the My Dream For Lou Project Report.