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YOU get to decide how to spend $100,000 to improve the health of your neighborhood | Stay Tuned for District 8 updates


Voting Results

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That’s right! The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived.

Find out how District 8 residents voted to invest $100,000 of their tax dollars


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Which Projects were Funded?


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – (April 10, 2019) The votes were in!  The people have spoken!  Residents of Metro Council Districts 6 and 8 have chosen physical improvements for their neighborhoods under the Our Money Our Voice participatory budgeting initiative. 

Our Money Our Voice is a joint initiative of Public Health and Wellness’s Center for Equity and District 6 Metro Councilman and Council President, David James, and District 8 Metro Councilman, Brandon Coan.

The projects residents selected for District 8 include:

  • Playground renovation at Bloom Elementary School. $25,000
  • Indoor and outdoor gym improvements at the Douglas Community Center. $50,000
  • Street Recycling Bins. $15,000.
  • Speed Ave, Driver Feedback Signs. $10,000.


“I was impressed by how enthusiastically people living in my district, especially young people, took to the project,” said Councilman Brandon Coan.  “I believe participatory budgeting strengthens democracy by getting people involved in the work of government and in the decisions that impact them.”


View the full list of proposed project locations!



Sample Ballot


Interested in learning more about which ideas will be on your district ballot? Be sure to check out the sample ballot to learn more about which ideas residents submitted that they’ll have an opportunity to vote on.

Don’t see your idea listed? Or have questions about how ideas were selected to be placed upon the ballot?

Be sure to check out the section below which explains how ballot items were selected. There you will find more info about what kinds of ideas were selected, which factors affected whether the idea was eligible to fund by June 2019.




Who Was Eligible to Vote?


Residents were eligible to participate if they were 14 years and older and live anywhere within District 8, which includes the following neighborhoods:

  • Alta Vista (Cherokee Seneca)
  • Belknap
  • Bonnycastle
  • Braeview (Cherokee Gardens)
  • Cherokee Triangle
  • Deer Park
  • Germantown
  • Hawthorne
  • Highlands Douglass
  • Kingsley
  • Original Highlands
  • Seneca Gardens
  • Seneca Vista (Bowman)
  • Strathmoor Manor
  • Strathmoor Village
  • Tyler Park
  • Upper Highlands (Gardiner Lane and Hayfield Dundee)
Want to learn more about the eligibility requirements for participating Council Districts?

Click to view | Louisville PB Handbook [designed by Local Residents]


Note: ballots were considered ineligible if the responses submitted ranked more than one entry with a duplicate priority rating (e.g. ranking recycle bins and Bloom Elementary both as the 1st priority, etc.)



How were ballot items selected?


Residents from District 8 recently had the opportunity to brainstorm and identify issues in their neighborhood that needs to be addressed.


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What kinds of ideas were submitted?

Between September 10th – October 21st,  volunteers across Jefferson County contributed

  • 121 hours of community service
  • Engaged > 633 residents
  • Visited > 383 properties
  • Collected > 256 ideas
  • Click to view | residents' ideas


The ideas residents have submitted will help Louisville Metro Government measure the needs and priorities of our community. The information participants collected helps your local government identify and remove barriers to equity, accessibility, and inclusion

When public servants understand the needs and priorities of your neighborhood, it helps all participants build a shwered vision for a Louisville where every community can thrive.


What determined which ideas ended up on the ballot?



Next Steps

Stay Tuned for more information about how residents can champion for some of the ideas that didn’t make it onto the ballot.






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Who Voted?


After attending 8 voting events and voting online, voters from the following neighborhoods submitted ballots from the following neighborhoods:



Belknap Bonnycastle Bowman (Seneca Vista) Cherokee Gardens (Braeview)
37 11 24 0


Cherokee Seneca (Alta Vista) Cherokee Triangle Unincorporated Cities --
City of Kingsley,
Seneca Gardens,
City of Strathmore Village,
City of Strathmore Manor
Deer Park
0 6 18 55


Gardiner Lane Hawthorne Hayfield Dundee Highlands Douglass
9 7 9 26


Original Highlands Tyler Park (any eligible Germantown codes) Online Votes Ineligible Ballots
5 22 95 1



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What else is happening in YOUR council district?



District 8 Newsletter




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Meet the Steering Committee Reps for District 8

We put together an awesome team of steering committee volunteers that worked to design the guidelines for how residents in Metro Council districts 6 & 8 could participate meaningfully in the decision-making process about how to spend $150,000 of the local budget.

Steering Committee participants attend trainings, general meetings, and contribute approximately 5-10 hours a month.


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    Ray Brundige

    Described by Councilman Coan as 'a good, hard-working citizen-at-large.'



    Has contributed 26 hours since 2018.


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    Troy Burden

    Executive Director of Highland Community Ministries; Chair of the District 8 Advisory Board


    Has contributed 10 hours since 2018.


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    Ginger Wallace

    OMOV Steering Committee Co-Chair; Vice President of the Original Highlands Neighborhood Association


    Has contributed 54 hours since 2018.



The steering committee drafted a rule book of guidelines to ensure that the process was equitable and accessible for all of the residents who live in the district.




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Want to get involved?





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Want to learn more about the process?





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