CHE Performance Management

LMPHW is accredited through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). Becoming an accredited health department was a multi-year process and requires annual reports and periodic recertification. Continuous quality improvement was a major component of accreditation and continues to inform all work within the department. CHE is responsible for working with individual staff members to improve workflow, performing program evaluation for LMPHW divisions, and creation and implementation of the department’s strategic plan.

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CHE is responsible for data collection and management for everything from monitoring trends in health conditions across the community and assessing the health-related needs of Louisville residents to tracking and improving performance in our service delivery programs, managing our data systems and conducting research. This data is used in decision making within the department and Metro Government and is also available for scientific research.


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Research and data are used in conducting periodic Community Health Needs Assessments and creating Community Health Improvement Plans such as Healthy Louisville 2025. CHE uses evidence-based methods of determining the health needs of our community and developing a roadmap of how the community can better meet these needs.

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