Participatory Budgeting

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How does Participatory Budgeting Work? 

The participatory budgeting process involves an annual cycle of brainstorming and voting to fund community submitted ideas.

For this community-led pilot initiative, residents of district 6 and 8 will have an opportunity to have a say in a participatory budgeting initiative sponsored by Louisville Metro Government.

Opportunities for input occur at every step:

  • Design a community led process for equitable participation and governance
  • Brainstorm ideas that improve community health
  • Develop the ideas that were submitted into project proposals
  • Vote for the best proposal among these community-led ideas
  • Fund the winning projects

 diagram that explains the participatory budgeting process in sequence including; design the process, brainstorm ideas, community research, cast a vote, and fund winning projects.


What are the benefits?

Participatory budgeting has a variety of benefits. Government officials are able to hear directly from residents about their priorities. Residents are able to learn more about how government processes work. Together, this means that more transparency and trust are built. Residents also gain leadership skills, and those who cannot participate in traditional voting are able to have a voice. We believe this process can be an important tool to achieving health equity in Louisville.