Money Matters

Strong Budget: The FY17 budget builds on Metro successes through significant investments in public safety and infrastructure, including road paving, sidewalk repair, bike lane expansion and technology upgrades. Metro’s strong credit ratings provided a position of strength from which a series of bonds were sold at highly competitive interest rates to fund capital improvements.

Favorable Financial Audit: The FY16 audit resulted in an unqualified audit opinion with zero material weaknesses or significant deficiencies. FY16 closed with $67.9 million held in Metro’s rainy day fund – the highest funding level in Metro’s history.

Excellence in Financial Reporting: Metro received its sixth consecutive“Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting”for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, from the Government Finance Officers Association of the U.S. and Canada.The association also presented a“Distinguished Budget Presentation Award” for Metro’s budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015.