Education and Talent Development

Tech Louisville class working on computers

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The way we work and the way we educate students of all ages has changed and will continue to evolve. To be competitive on a global scale, Louisville must ensure that our current and future workforce is prepared to fill the jobs of the future. Now is the moment to identify the key strategies that can help us do this faster and better than our competitors, with a commitment to equity and scale in all of these efforts.

Our region doesn't lack for serious plans or major-league ambitions. With this "100-year flood" economic moment, it's an opportune time for us to identify and commit to transformational strategies and goals that can help our community leap forward. It's also a moment for us to consider our past strategies and commitments and to make key decisions about past goals or strategies that can jettison us in this new reality.

The Education and Talent Development Focus Area Team will consider:

  • How do we integrate tech agility into all levels of education, so that it's not only the computer science majors who can thrive in the new economy jobs that will increasingly utilize technology in every job and field?
  • How do we keep youth engaged in the education pipeline?
  • What do our region's leading employers know they want from their future workforce? What steps are missing in our current efforts to deliver on those demands?
  • The Academies of Louisville effort has garnered a huge amount of employer involvement and commitment. How do we grow carreer transition efforts for JCPS gradautes?
  • What does University of Louisville need to help it to achieve the goals in its strategic plan?
  • How can we help Bellarmine University, Spalding University, Indiana University Southeast, Simmons College and Sullivan University thrive and become talent magnets for students beyond our immediate vicinity?
  • What does Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) need in order for its state-of-the-art Advanced Manufacturing and Information Technology center and its other educational offerings thrive?
  • Evolve 502 has a grand ambition - to offer a "college promise" to all JCPS high school students that guarantees them a tuition-free first two years of college at JCTC or Simmons. How do we make it happen, and fast?

The work also will lean somewhat on already established in existing plans, including Vision LouisvillePlan 2040Resilient LouisvillePrepare LouisvilleMove LouisvilleHealthy Louisville 2025, and the Health Equity Report, as well as current initiatives from KentuckianaWorks, JCPS and higher education institutions.

Some metrics may include kindergarten readiness, college and career readiness, referral and suspension data by student group, percentage of students meeting MAP benchmarks by student group.