Built and Natural Environment

Summer Louisville Skyline with Bridges

Louisville must strengthen its built and natural environment to promote health and well-being and prepare for future shocks. The importance of this mission is only made more critical in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has exacerbated already poor health disparities and inadequate economic systems, and in order to make Louisville a more equitable city for all.

The Built and Natural Environment Focus Area Team work will be built on the foundation already established in existing plans, including Vision LouisvillePlan 2040Resilient LouisvillePrepare Louisville, Move Louisville, Sustain Louisville, Healthy Louisville 2025, and the Health Equity Report. Other plans include the MTP 2020 Regional Metropolitan Transportation Plan, MSD Critical Repair and Investment Plan and TARC's Comprehensive Operational Analysis.

This team will be tasked with reviewing existing plans and evaluating how those may need to be adjusted or accelerated in light of the pandemic.

Among the questions that the focus area team will consider are:

  • Do these plans still reflect what we want to become as a city?
  • What can be accomplished in 2020 and 2021?
  • What long-term plans still make sense?
  • How can we accelerate and/or implement sustainability measures? What will it cost?
  • What public transportation do we need in the future, and how do mitigate the impact of near-term cuts and route changes?
  • What temporary policy or procedural changes should be made permanent?
  • What housing and vacant property resources do we need?
  • What should we advocate for on the federal level that will best serve Louisville?

Recommended performance indicators may include existing metrics that are laid out in the relevant plans and analysis of how infrastructure is impacted as we adapt and shape the new normal.