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Build Back Better, Together is meant to infuse creative, innovative ideas and projects into the community’s ongoing plans to tackle challenges presented or exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative will tackle with the needs of today and plan for a long-term, more prosperous future.

The work will be led by a steering committee and a series of seven focus area teams formed around key topics - arts and culture; built and natural environment; economy; education and talent development; health and safety; hospitality, sports and Bourbonism; and social infrastructure and impact.

The steering committee will be comprised of key leaders in government, business and nonprofit sectors, community and neighborhood representatives, and leaders from the focus area teams. Chief Equity Officer Kendall Boyd and Louisville Forward Chief Mary Ellen Wiederwohl will co-chair the steering committee. The committee will evaluate existing initiatives and plans, recommend action items and establish key performance indicators, among other tasks.

Current List of Steering Committee Members and Focus Team Area Co-chairs

The steering committee will recommend “quick win” action items and policies. It will also consider mid-term actions that can be taken over the next few months and long-term actions with an eye toward the last half of the year and beyond.

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Arts and Culture

Built and Natural Environment


Education and Talent Development

Health and Safety

Hospitality, Sports and Bourbonism

Social Infrastructure and Impact