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Build Back Better, Together will be equal parts planning and doing. The initiative will tackle today’s pressing needs and outline longer-term specific strategies to bring about a more prosperous and just future for all Louisvillians, particularly those residents who are most impacted by these events.

The initiative will seek innovative ideas from residents and community leaders and adapt or accelerate existing government- and community-led projects to tackle challenges presented or exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the protests sparked by the deaths of Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and many others.

The work will be led by a steering committee that will recommend actions that can be taken over the next few months and long-term actions focused on last half of 2020 and beyond. The committee also will oversee seven focus area teams formed around key topics - arts and culture; built and natural environment; economy; education and talent development; health and safety; hospitality, sports and Bourbonism; and social infrastructure and impact. Everyone is encouraged to participate in one or more of the focus area teams. Click the icons below to learn more about the focus areas.

The steering committee will be comprised of key leaders in government, business and nonprofit sectors, community and neighborhood representatives, and co-chairs of the focus area teams. Chief Equity Officer Kendall Boyd and Louisville Forward Chief Mary Ellen Wiederwohl will co-chair the steering committee. The committee will evaluate existing initiatives and plans, recommend action items and establish key performance indicators, among other tasks.

Current List of Steering Committee Members and Focus Area Team Co-chairs

All participants will be trained on Louisville Metro Government’s Racial Equity Toolkit, which will be used to ensure that the steering committee’s and focus area teams' recommendations are focused on ensuring equitable outcomes, and to prevent the adoption of polices, strategies and systems that perpetuate racist, discriminatory or inequitable results and that fail to address the root causes of the economic and social injustice.

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Education and Talent Development

Health and Safety

Hospitality, Sports and Bourbonism

Social Infrastructure and Impact