Education Programs


Brightside is dedicated to shaping the minds of our youth to be more environmentally friendly and to become a respectable steward to our environment. 

Brightside believes that even our youngest citizens can and should join in the effort to keep our city clean and green. 

Programs are held throughout the school year and are made possible by the support of Partnership for a Green City, Stage One Children's Theatre, PNC Bank, and many more. 

Brightside Kids is offered to kindergarten through third grade classrooms. This one hour presentation offers young students an opportunity to learn about ways they can help the environment. In addition to viewing a locally produced video, the presentation engages young students through an interactive presentation and concludes with the students setting a daily goal to improve their environment. Brightside is happy to join students at any Jefferson County school--private, public or parochial. If you would like Brightside to come to your school, please contact Julie Shinton Fried at (502) 574-2613. 

Additional education programs offered by Brightside include: