Brightside Kids

Brightside Kids Program
Brightside is offering an environmental program for Jefferson County kindergarten through third grade classes at no cost to the school.
Every person, no matter how young or how old, can make a difference in their environment. 
Brightside offers a free 45 minute educational program to kindergarten through third grade classrooms throughout Jefferson County. A Brightside representative will come to your school and speak to each classroom about taking care of our city.
The goal of the program is to teach each child about:
  • litter prevention
  • water conservation
  • energy conservation
  • the many benefits of trees
By teaching key ecological concepts to young students, the program will open students’ eyes to nature in the city and teach them about the importance of protecting urban resources. Students are provided coloring sheets to take home and to use as a discussion tool with their families, highlighting the benefits of how good environmental habits can improve our community.  Since students’ ideas and passions are often discussed within their families, the students’ interest in thinking environmentally could change the mindsets and behaviors of their family. Teaching environmental education at a young age is an integral part of Brightside’s mission that helps us grow great environmental stewards for Louisville.

Call Brightside at (502) 574-2613 or visit us at for more information on a free kindergarten through third grade school program teaching environmental education in your classroom.