Brightside Cleanliness Index

The One Bright City Brightside Cleanliness Index (the “Brightside Index”), is performed in partnership with the Department of Public Works. Click here to see the assessment locations in your area.

The Brightside Index includes a survey to be performed three times a year and a reporting process that provides a baseline measurement of litter on Louisville’s streets, sidewalks, area parks and public spaces. 

This project will track changes over time and allow citizens to collect and maintain data to drive decision-making, policy development and resource allocation. The Brightside Index is designed to serve as an awareness and accountability tool. 

The data collected by citizens will be published on an interactive, online map called the One Bright City Map

The Brightside Index was launched at 10 sites, approximately a half-mile corridor in length, within the 26 Metro Council districts, for a total of 260 sites community-wide. Twenty-six teams, each composed of six residents per Metro Council district, were selected and trained on how to survey and score the sites for litter. The survey teams walk each site in their district, conducting a visual inspection for litter – the sole criterion on which cleanliness scores are based. 

While conducting the quarterly surveys, volunteers will note and photograph problem areas and items of interest. Team members then assign a score to each site within their district on a scale from (1) “Minimal or No Litter” to (4) “Extremely Littered,” measured in increments of (.5). The scores are averaged to obtain one overall score for each site. All 10 overall site scores for each district are averaged to obtain one overall district score, and all 260 overall site scores are averaged to obtain one overall city score. 

One of the ultimate goals of One Bright City is to attain and to maintain an overall city Brightside Index score of (1) – “Minimal or No Litter.” 

This program is designed to inspire the community to learn, to teach and to work together to become One Bright City. Brightside Index scores are not meant to create competition or to identify winners or losers but individual sites and districts may be celebrated and rewarded for their efforts. Sites and districts shall not be shamed, blamed, or punished. Instead, they will receive help to clean up the litter as long as they assume responsibility for improving their scores. 

View the One Bright City Map

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