Bicycle Safety Classes

Bicycle education is a key component in the Bike Louisville program. Offering many ways for people to get the skills and confidence to ride on Louisville streets and trials is important in building Louisville friendly community. Louisville offers a number of ways to build you’re cycling skills.

Adults: The Louisville Bicycle Club offers a number of Adult bicycle education classes.
Youth: Red Zone Cycling is a youth oriented bicycle club which teaches a range of cycling skills to youth
Children: Bike Sense is Bike Louisville on-bike bicycle education program taught in Louisville’s schools and during the summer recreation summer camp programs.  
Businesses: Contact Bike Louisville about hosting a Brown Bag Lunch and Learn about Bicycle Commuting.


Lunch and Learn

At the community level this begins with bicycle-safety education being a routine part of public education. Communities, businesses and campuses can offer options for adults looking to improve their biking skills with everything from online tips, brown bag lunch presentations and in-depth on-bike training opportunities. Louisville's 20+ League Cycling Instructors, are a great resource in delivering high quality education programs. It is also vital to make motorists and cyclists aware of their rights and responsibilities on the road through public education campaigns that promote the Share the Road message.