Barret and Castlewood Roadway Safety Improvements Project

The purpose of this project is to improve safety and comfort for all roadway users including people who are walking, bicycling, driving and using transit.


The project scope includes improvements along the below routes:

  • Barret Ave between Winter Ave and Castlewood Ave
  • Castlewood  Ave between Barret Ave and Baxter Ave


Project safety improvements include:

  • Replacing four 9’ wide lanes along Barret Ave with two 10’ travel lanes and a 7’ full time parking lane along the west side of the street.
  • Addition of a left turn lane at Barret Ave and Ellison Ave
  • Addition of a shared use path along the east side of Barret Ave from Rufer Ave to Castlewood Ave
  • Transit stop improvement at Barret Ave & Ellison Ave and Castlewood Ave &  Barret Ave
  • Intersection improvement at Barret Ave & Winter Ave and Castlewood & Barret Ave
  • Provide increased bicycle and pedestrian connectivity between Tyler Park, St Louis Cemetery and Winter Ave.
  • Replacing three travel lanes along Castlewood with two 10’ wide travel lanes and a buffered 10’ bi directional bicycle lane.


Project corridor is highlighted in blue below:



Proposed renderings along Castlewood Ave at Barret Ave (looking west):



Proposed renderings along Castlewood Ave at Barret Ave (looking east):BarretAndCastlewoodRenderingsLookingEast


Proposed renderings along Barret Ave at Rufer Ave (looking south):


Please click here to view the plan set.