Start Smart!

Start Smart

Start Smart is an educational curriculum developed in-house by Bank On Louisville to serve the financial education needs of youth and young adults. This curriculum, based on the adult financial educational models of Start Fresh and Credit As An Asset, will provide youth over the age of 10 with the necessary information and skills to begin their financial lives on the right foot!

Participants in this workshop are introduced to the banking world with information on what separates a bank from a credit union, why saving money in a financial institution is important, and then taught how to compare account products from different institutions.

The next section will introduce the youth to necessary account functions one will need to know to be successful in managing a bank account. Participants will leave the workshop with a working knowledge of deposits, debit cards, checks, account statements, online banking, and issues to avoid that can commonly pop up with accounts.

Participants are then introduced to spending tracking and basic budgeting in a section that will ask them to take a hard look at where their money is going and where they think they could do better. Youth are given a mock budgeting example to complete and asked to analyze what the best way would be to solve the financial issue presented to them.

Finally Start Smart introduces briefly the topic of credit. Attendees will leave with a basic understanding of what the different types of credit are, what credit affects in the modern world, what makes up your credit score, and understanding what is on your credit report.


Currently Start Smart is only offered by request, so if you have a group of youth or young adults who you feel need this kind of education, please contact Bank On Louisville at (502) 574-1969.