Partner Testimonials

“Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership is grateful for the partnership with Bank On Louisville. We have been fortunate to cooperate on a number of initiatives including budgeting, savings accounts, and advertising for tax services. Financial empowerment programs like Bank On are instrumental in the future of social services, as they encourage client self-sufficiency and promote ideal banking habits. We are grateful for their presence in our community and encourage our partners to work with them.”
William Myers
Executive Administrator, Community Action Partnership (CAP)

"Bank On Louisville and other Bank On programs are beneficial to financial institutions for a variety of reasons. Obviously, the program helps the financial institutions obtain customers, but it goes beyond that. We gain customers who have participated in financial education so they have a better understanding of how to properly manage a checking account. 
The programs basically provide customers with an opportunity to “start fresh” and actually save money. Often the unbanked are purchasing money orders and spending money with check cashing services, and the underbanked are obtaining credit needs from alternative financial services. Bank On Louisville offers customers an opportunity to establish a checking account with a reputable financial institution and along with it comes a network of community resources, a team of more than 50 nonprofit organizations, financial institutions and government agencies, all willing to help them avoid paying excessive fees, understand credit and how banking works, and eventually build assets. 

Deborah B. Williams 
VP, Community Development Market Manager 

"Fifth Third Bank, Kentucky works with Bank On Louisville to help enhance the organization’s mission to strengthen the community’s economic well-being through improved access to mainstream financial education and services. Bank On Louisville helps Fifth Third Bank identify and serve unbanked and underbanked individuals and households. The Bank’s affiliation with Bank On Louisville fosters an environment built on trust and understanding. By listening to the individual financial needs of Bank On participants, companies such as Fifth Third Bank can offer ideas and solutions that positively impact lives. 
Bank On Louisville has developed and deployed outstanding financial empowerment workshops, particularly the Start Fresh curriculum. Fifth Third Bank has leveraged its own financial empowerment resources to complement Bank On nonprofit and faith partner initiatives that provide financial education to their constituencies. Because of these programs, clients are able to successfully manage their new accounts and services. 
Through the relationships the Bank On Louisville Initiative has created, our community has become better focused on building financial capacity, especially in low-income communities. These efforts align with Fifth Third Bank’s commitment to helping our customers achieve their financial goals and make a better future for themselves and their families."

Adam Hall 
AVP, Community Development Relationship Manager, Community Affairs, Fair Lending and Responsible Banking

"Bank On is a great opportunity for our participants to strengthen their financial knowledge and relationships with financial institutions. The opportunity not only benefits our participants, but also their children which creates a foundation for money management. When individuals are empowered with the knowledge of financial skills they can sustain a positive future for themselves, children and the community."
Jocelyn Fetalver
Family Services Coordinator, Family Scholar House

"Bank On provides a structured platform for us as a community to talk and promote financial literacy and prudent financial management. As it matures it will be a vehicle for the financial industry to be more involved in the working class community and for government a reminder that when those citizens on the edges do well—the whole community does well."
David Dutschke
Catholic Identity & External Relations, Catholic Charities of Louisville, Inc.

"The Bank On Louisville Initiative is a place to invest in growing compassionate community services. Learning, sharing, living and building financial empowerment with community leaders…now that’s an opportunity not to be missed!" 
Janet M. Fulton, Fulton180/Life Leadership Coach